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We provide powder coating service in san antonio. We assure you best color, longer lasting and superior finishing. Our golden rule is to provide our customers the best quality service with well satisfaction and on time delivery with guarantee.

Powder Coating In San Antonio

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About Powder Coating in San Antonio

Welcome to Powder Coating In San Antonio. Thank you for reaching us and taking the time to know more about us. Let’s get acquainted.

We are Powder coating San Antonio Texas. We provide powder coating services all over San Antonio, TX. If you have something that needs powder coating, especially powder coating on wheels and rims.

We are also Expert for

  • Shade structure and awnings
  • Railing, fences and gates
  • Bird cages
  • Antique beds, gliders & Chairs
  • Bicycle frames & parts
  • Off road vehicle frames & parts
  • Automotive wheels, frames & parts
  • Motorcycle wheels, frames  & parts
  • Patio furniture
  • Metal fencing and railing
  • Doors and windows

You may be casually visiting our website and trying to get to know about powder coating. We’ll give you a walk-through.

Let’s talk about powder coating. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating is done electrostatically. The powder paint is evaporated and sprayed over your metal commodities. Then it’s heated down and made sure it stays on for a long time.

What is the Advantage of Powder Coating?

Powder coating is more efficient than normal liquid painting. Metals tend to get heated, thus, liquid paint coat loses its integrity and you may face color loss or the colors may fade eventually. But in the case of powder coating, more the heat, more it stays. And the color remains the same for a longer period of time.

Working Process

Powder coating usually takes a lot of time to wear off. Our 4-step powder coating process in San Antonio includes surface preparation, powder application, curing, and inspection to ensure a flawless, professional-grade finish every time. It requires specialized skills, equipment and experience to properly powder coat projects – which our San Antonio team has. 

Who we Are?

We are a San Antonio, TX based family-owned Powder coating service providers. You can get your designated things powder coated by anyone. But the catch is, we will assure you service of the highest quality so that you may get satisfied to the highest level.

As we have mentioned earlier, we are experts in this area of service. Unlike other San Antonio powder coating service, we are not confined only to our locality. We provide services all over San Antonio. If you search thoroughly, you will find our clients in every part of the city.

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What We Do

san antonio powder coating service

We have experts appointed whose job is to make sure that your designated product has the perfect powder coating. We can powder coat products made of galvanized steel, aluminum, steel alloys, plastic, wood, carbon fiber, brass, copper etc. The most common items we coat are wheels, alloy rims, plastic car parts, steel furniture and decorative items. Each material requires a special type of powder coating.

Our services are very simple to understand. But not everyone can do it if they want. Mainly, we powder coat car wheels, car rims, brake calipers and metal products which require to be powder coated. If powder coating is your requirement, the responsibility is our fulfillment. With our services, you don’t have to worry about the paint wearing off for a longer period of time. Now you know about our primary services.

Automotive Frames Wheels & Parts

Bicycle Frames & Parts

Patio Furniture, Gliders & Chairs

Doors and Windows

Shade Structures and Awnings

Railings, Fences and Gates

Why Choose Us

powder coating in san antonio

Before asking anyone to provide any services for money, you should understand the exclusivity. What is the different thing that we will provide you which no other powder coating company can provide? We can 100% guarantee our services. Powder coating is either good or bad, flawless or full of flaws. What we do is not done by non-professionals. We are 100% professional powder coaters in San Antonio with experience.

Only we in San Antonio can guarantee that our color will be better than others, the finishing would be extremely superior and the color will last for a longer period of time. Do not just trust our words and take our service for granted. Give us a chance to prove our words. You’ll see that we’re true to our words, we never exaggerate. So, you can fully rely on us for powder coating services in San Antonio,TX.

Experience Skills

Expert Engineers

Very Low Cost

Guarantee Services

Trusted Work

High Quality

What Our Clients Say About

powder coating san antonio tx

"I decided to add some colors to my rims to match my wheels with my class. Turns out that the rims powder coating upped my class by a lot! Thank you Powder coating San Antonio for your awesome service. Nice color Combination. looks like New"
Lucine Anoush
House Owner
"I thought I'd change my rims, but decided to powder coat them at the last moment. Thank you for proving that my decisions are great. Great service and I love their work and professionalism"
Garen Harut
Hakob Aram
"One line to review Powder coating San Antonio's service: Absolutely out of the world. I can't believe these belong to me! They look better than new, trust me! Well finishing my bike parts. love to work"
Hakob Aram
Garage Owner

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