Powder Coating Wheels Pros and Cons

Powder coating on wheels is like the guard who is guarding a kingdom against outsiders. The process of coating on wheel rims is very easy to do. The wheel is coated with a spraying gun. Then the wheel rim is baked in an oven which gives it a smooth and hard finish. Powder coating comes with a large number of colors, styles, and textures. You can apply it on wheels of any vehicle. It can be a bike or car or any other vehicle.

Every product we use, has some pros and some cons. Powder coating is no different. Powder coating on wheels has many pros and also some cons.

Want to know about them? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of powder coating on wheels below:

Powder Coating Wheels Pros and Cons

The Pros of Powder Coating on Wheels:

The pros of powder coating on wheels are many. They are:

  • High resistance of wheels
  • More durability
  • Less pollution
  • can be applied on different materials
  • Best utilization of resources

Now, we are going to explain these points to you.

High Resistance

If the product you are going to use powder coating on is a wheel/rim, it has been seeing really bad weather, UV ray, dust, or any other small particles while you drive. These things can harm your wheel rims and can reduce their lifespan. But powder coating works like a shield on your wheels. Powder coating creates a protective layer on the surface of the rims. The coating will give outcomes in a very good way and will save your wheels.

More Durability:

A big advantage of powder coating is it has great durability. The coating gets its durability because of the coating process. When the coating is done there are small particles on your wheels that come together after baking and give your wheels a durable finish. It lasts three times longer than paint coating. Powder coating can hold its finish up to 20 years. So, there is no doubt that it is a good choice for your wheels.

Interested to know more? Let’s know more about this.

Less Pollution

Powder coating does not need any kind of solvents.  Many solvents contain VOCs and that is very harmful to our whole environment. Sometimes it can be harmful for your rims as it can cause some chemical reaction. The measurement of it in every gallon is 5.5 pounds which is not acceptable. As powder coating does not need solvents it is safer than paint coating. It releases less carbon dioxide which also helps the environment to stay clean.

What comes next? Let’s know about that.

Can Be applied To Different Materials:

When you are using a wheel it is not necessary that the wheel has to be made of steel. Wheels can be made with aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Not only metal products, rims are also made with non-metal things. You can use a powder coat on any of the materials. If the material is heat resistant you can use a powder coat on it. Because then it has to go in the oven after coating.

Best Utilization of Resources

There is no wastage of resources in powder coating.  In paint coating, a lot of paint is lost in the time of spray. As there is no solvent the powder can’t spread in a large area and stick with the product. The utilization is almost 100%.

We have discussed the pros of powder coating. Now, it’s time to discuss the cons. Let’s know about the cons also.

Cons of powder coating On Wheels

There are also some disadvantages of powder coating. The cons of powder coating are:

  • Powder coating on wheels is expensive.
  • Less product to coat
  • Problem on large product
  • Color application problem

Powder Coating On Wheels is Expensive

Powder coating on wheels costs a lot of money. Comparing to paint coating it is costly. It is costly because of its process.  The curing process before coating moves all the small particles and make rim surface clean. After that powder you are going to use is not cheap.  Not only that the oven used for baking doesn’t come cheap. All these things make it expensive. But paint coating doesn’t contain all these things.

Less Product To Coat

Powder coating can keep your wheels safe. But the materials that you can coat on are not in good numbers. Powder coating is mainly used on metal material like aluminum, stainless steel, or brass and also on some non-metal products. You can’t coat any product you want. Also, the material has to be heat-protected otherwise it will melt in the oven which can harm the oven also.

Problem On Large Products

It is easy to work with small wheels like car wheels. But when it comes to large wheels like truck wheels or any large products, the curing process takes a long time. Coating every corner is hard.  It also takes a long time in the oven. Getting the exact temperature for large products is not easy. So, it is a problem to powder coat large products.

Color Application Problems

When you are using powder coating on wheels you can face problems with the final tone or hue after coming out of the oven. Sometimes the hue is changed after baking. You may have to do the process all over again. It can cost you double the money and it will not be cheap.

We have discussed “pros and cons of powder coating on wheels.” Before you use powder coating, you must know these things.  But it is always better to use the powder coating on wheels after discussing with experts. If you have any confusion or questions let us know.

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